Success Starts Here

Each and every day it is important to make sure that you are in the ‘right place’ for success. Here’s 5 simple tips to help you be in that ‘place’


We all know that life can present challenges but we also know that with  positive outlook can help even in the difficult times.

For anyone who has read about the law of attraction you will also know that the energy or vibration we give out to the universe will determine what comes back to us so make sure you think positive thoughts and gradually develop a positive outlook on life.


Nothing is more helpful in developing a positive mind-set than the practice of gratitude.

If it doesn’t come naturally then start by listing 3 things each morning (different things each day) that you are grateful for – you will find in a very short time that it will change the way you view life.


Somehow it’s always easier to be kind to others, to forgive them for failing and for mistakes they may make, than it is to extend the same kindness to ourselves. That needs to change. Being self critical hinders our success. Develop a practice of self belief. That doesn’t mean we don’t set ourselves challenging goals and high standards but it does mean we don’t waste time deriding ourselves or beating ourselves up. Instead focus on your strengths and when it comes to weaknesses determine to improve and develop.


Whatever long term goals you may have I think it is important to set some short term goals as well. Every day give yourself at least one thing that you will achieve. It almost doesn’t matter what – though obviously if its something that you know you can achieve in 5 minutes then it isn’t probably going to be much of a challenge but you may also be putting a lot of effort into longer term things. YOU know yourself and your business or work so BE HONEST set a goal that is achievable but also contains an element of challenge.


It’s all very well setting goals and having long and short term plans but to achieve success you actually need to get stuff done. It’s very easy to let minutes slip by then they become hours and before long a whole day can have escaped without you a taking any action – so make sure each day that you move a tiny step nearer to where you want to be by taking some action.