5 Things That Will Stop You Being Successful

Almost everyone wants to be successful. How they define that success may differ but the majority of folks want success in some form or other and many specifically seek success in business. Yet it is very easy to slip into habits that will actually STOP you experiencing success you. If you regularly indulge in any of the following then this could be why the success you seek is proving elusive.


If we are honest we all do this from time to time. It’s putting things off, deliberating to such an extent that no action takes place. Obviously there are times that some careful consideration is essential but that’s not the same as procrastination. In fact we are most likely to procrastinate when the task ahead of us is one we don’t want to do and often the reason for that is because it takes us out of our comfort zone. So next time you find yourself thinking ‘I’ll leave for a while’ stop and ask yourself why you aren’t doing it right now. The danger is that procrastination becomes a habit and one that will stop success in its tracks.

A Fear of Failure

This is one of the reasons for procrastination. Success rarely comes to people who won’t take risks and if you take a risk there is always the chance that it won’t work. Lots of successful people have tried things that haven’t worked out – but they wouldn’t necessarily view them as failures, in fact often success eventually comes from what they’ve learned from those experiences. It doesn’t mean that you take every ‘risk’ going but if you want to be successful, taking a risk is going to be essential at some point. Failure needn’t crush you if you have it framed in your mind in the right way. Somethings just won’t work out but if you get up and continue then it’s not a failure it’s just an obstacle overcome.

Lack of Direction

Any journey is easier when you know where you are going. The ultimate destination may change but when you set off, or in order to keep going with any real pace, you have to have an end point in mind. In business that is particularly important and it’s why business coaching can be helpful – because if you feel unsure then it is very easy to start going in all sorts of directions without getting any nearer to where you want to be. Try to be really specific – it’s not always useful just to say you want to be successful in business – what does that mean? Is it making money from training, having your book published, getting a lot of traffic to your website, selling more of a product this month than you did last month. Being specific about the success you are aiming for will make it much easier to be successful, because you have a clear specific direction.

Lack of Focus

Focus is different from direction. Many people may know exactly where they want to go BUT they keep wandering off track as they are distracted by other things. Often these are things that look helpful. More training, another network meeting, or selling additional products, they might all be good things at the right time but they might also be things that detract from your current plan. Be honest and ask yourself will this actually help you at the current time. Training is obviously useful, so is networking and expanding product range BUT is right now the best time to do that or will it simply mean that you are being distracted from your primary goal.

Lack of Self-belief

This can be real killer for success, but it can be fixed. How do you know if you have a lack of self-belief? Well you will find that your sub conscious gives you a pretty negative running commentary – ‘look how you messed that up’, ‘you’ll never be successful’ etc. But you can challenge that, after all it’s your subconscious so just counter those lies with some truth. Create a success mantra for yourself   – ‘I can be successful, I may make mistakes but I will be successful’., and repeat as often as you need too.


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