6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach


It is only in relatively recent decades that anyone other than a top athlete or performer would have coaching, yet now it seems that many people are prepared to spend almost a small fortune hiring a life or business coach. So why is that?

Below I’ve listed some of the common reasons people hire a coach. Coaching comes with a cost but then if any of the following apply to you then NOT hiring a coach will also have a cost in terms of not getting where you want to be either in your life or in our business. In short coaches are usually effective, and at least part of that is the process that happens when a person decides to hire a coach – they are hungry for change and as they are paying, often substantially for it then they are prepared to invest the time and effort as well as the money to make the necessary changes.

Like any other decision people make, the reasons a person hires a coach are many and various but here are a few of the common reasons that people decide on coaching. Have a read and see if any resonate with you.


Feeling  ‘stuck’

Usually people hire a coach because either in an aspect of their life, a particular relationship perhaps, or in their business or one part of it they feel they can’t move forward. Common business reasons might be that they need to increase confidence to speak to large groups of people, learn to delegate effectively or learn to ‘own’ their expertise and authority. In life it is often to do with relationships or learning to be assertive, or maybe decision making. Sometimes people can feel trapped not by the situation but by the particular way they see it, coaches are skilled at helping people see old things in new ways.

In a transition

Life is not static, in many ways it is a series of changes. People around us change, situations change and we as individuals change. Some people love change, even feel excited by it but others feel very afraid of the whole process. Often they value having someone on the outside who can ask the right questions to help them get a new perspective on the transitions and deal with the emotions they feel  while continuing to move forward.

Need Vision

Others hire a coach because they may have vague ideas about what they want to achieve in their business or life but lack a really clear vision, which is an essential ingredient for success. A coach can help someone gain real clarity of purpose. Usually through asking questions they can help you pinpoint how you want things to be, you rvision, and then work with you to establish the steps you need to take.

Need to develop particular skills

Some coaches will work with clients to develop a particular skill, perhaps having ‘sales’ conversations, or giving presentations, possibly even being confident enough to talk to people at network meetings. Part of the coaching process is to identify what the client needs and then work together to develop what is needed. This might involve some signposting to other agencies or people but that would depend on the particular skills that need to be developed.

Change ways of working

As humans we are quick to develop particular ways of doing things and even when these cease to serve us well, we can find it hard to change the ways we do things. Coaches can not only help in identifying these habits or ways of working, and the often negative impact they may have, but they also can help develop more effective practices.

Mind-set shifts

This is often one of the most effective ways of bringing about positive change in either business or life. By identifying the mind-sets that an individual might have the coach can help them to see the impact these mind-sets can have on life or business and importantly help the client to replace these mind-sets with alternative ones that will lead to greater success. It is important to remember that mind-sets may well be subconscious but they can effectively sabotage a person attempt to be happy and successful.