5 ways to Mojo Mastery

When I work with business folk, and entrepreneurs particularly, they will often tell me that they have lost their mojo! The Cambridge English dictionary defines mojo as

“A quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.”

Well I’m pretty sure we’d all want a bit of that in both our personal and business lives  so what makes it disappear and how can we get it back when it does?

Why we lose our MOJO

Life has a predictable way of being unpredictable. Things happen that cause us challenges or create what we see as problems in both life and business and unless we care careful we can find ourselves robbed of our mojo.

It could be a long and exhausting list but the top ones I think are


Nothing saps our mojo more quickly than negativity. This can come in various ways but often being around people who are negative allows it to somehow slip right down inside us and suddenly we find ourselves slipping into a downward spiral of negativity.


Another mojo snatcher. It can often start with the negativity of others, they pour cold water on our plans, goals or ideas and suddenly we find ourselves buried in self-doubt. Plagued by thoughts that we aren’t good enough, that we can’t do things or that we aren’t worthy of success. All lies of course. But particularly for people who work alone or from home isolation can creep in and often brings with it self doubt.

Lacking Purpose

At the beginning of every venture there is usually a clear purpose but with the passing of time it’s easy to lose track of what we were really aiming for and that can leave us feeling lost and not sure of where to go next and that is never a recipe for success.

Ignoring our own Needs

I know we are all super heroes BUT even super heroes need some nurture. If you are firing on all cylinders it is very easy NOT to  take care of yourself and the fact is without some self-care we will lose out mojo.

Pleasing other people

I value highly the qualities of kindness and compassion, caring for others is important but that is not the same as trying to please everybody. In fact trying to please others is a bit of a recipe for disaster. Be clear about your aims and be clear about what you need. Sometimes you will upset others, not necessarily intentionally but it is almost bound to happen. So try to remember that sometimes through saying ‘no’ to others we can say ’yes’ to ourselves.


How to get our Mojo back


So if you find yourself lacking in the Mojo department here’s some simple steps to get it back.

Be grateful

This is a great place to start if you are feeling like your mojo has packed its bags and left. It honestly works best to write down what you are grateful for. In fact starting a gratitude journal is a great idea. Then you can look back as well as think about what you are grateful for right now. It is a great way to reset your focus – you can read more about why gratitude is great for you here.


Remember your ‘why’

If you are in business there is a reason – you had a good idea at the beginning of exactly why you were doing this. Maybe it was to escape a job you didn’t like, or maybe to get more balance in your life. Maybe you saw it as a way to create financial security for yourself and your family. If it is a more personal issue the same principle applies – if a relationship is getting you down think about what was good about it in the beginning, if its family issues reconnecting with why you live the way you do can be helpful. Remembering your why will help you restore that lost mojo. BUT if this is a recurrent thing then maybe you need a fresh look at what is and isn’t working for you in your life and business and some coaching might be help you with this. Find out about the coaching packages we offer here.


 Make a decision to be positive

It can be tough but we all know that being negative sort of invites more negativity. If you are low on mojo surround yourself with positive folks and that might mean making a decision NOT to be around the people who are negative and actively choose to fill your head with positive thoughts. Use visualisation to help – you can read more here. Our thoughts are immensely powerful but they can be managed – learn how to tame them here.


Get inspired

Make a positive decision to inspire yourself, read the biographies of folk who have achieved what you are wanting to achieve or people you admire. Take an online course, watch some inspirational videos, and remind yourself what you have achieved and how awesome you are. If you can read more about how to be inspired here.

Exercise self-care

It’s almost guaranteed that if you don’t look after yourself you will find your mojo slipping away so however busy you are and how ever many demands there may be upon your time looking after YOU is important. Make time for yourself, make sure you get the basics right in terms of sleep, a health y diet exercise, time with friends and time for relaxation. If you find yourself stressed or anxious that will rob you of your mojo so find some ways to manage those feelings – you could try mindfulness of meditation – you can get a few mindful exercises to try here.


Looking after yourself also means being kind and compassionate to yourself – whatever the cause of your lost mojo you are human, you will make mistakes, you will have times when life is tough but you need to be kind and compassionate to yourself.

As always the choice is yours there is always an option to wallow but that rarely helps so take a deep breath and determine to take some steps to be master of your own Mojo.